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Steven Elevator Manufacturers in Chennai

Steven Elevators is a Government certified lift manufacturers in chennai with License Number: LEM1163 and an ISO 9001:2015 certified, yet smartly managed organization. We are elevators manufacturing company, based in Chennai. We enhance the value to any building’s life cycle by way of offering elevators, and solutions for any industry maintenance. We focus on building rapport by empathizing our customers’ needs so as to deliver the products, exceeding their expectations.

At Steven Elevators, Safety is our Supremacy. Our prime motto is to nullify potential accidents. We promote and improve safety practices for our staffs, our customers as well as the equipment users.

Elevators (Lifts) Services and Maintenance

  • We accomplish more than what is assured
  • We embrace solutions with timely delivery, yet cost-effective strategies
  • We prioritize our customers above all
  • We thrive towards ceaseless innovations
  • We offer tailored designs as per the customer’s needs and preferences

We have an active team of qualified, highly experienced and efficient employees and engineers who help in manufacturing quality products which retains us high in the elevator industry. We work with a goal in meeting our clients’ needs on all frontiers by way of our top-notch quality elevator products.

We provide a wide range of elevators services and maintenance, from one lift to a multi set of lifts on various sites across Chennai.

Passenger Lifts

Goods Lifts

Hospital Lifts

Service Lifts

Platform Lifts

We have been recognized as Best Residential and Commercial Elevators’ interior designer for the year 1984.
We manufacture elevators with higher transporting capacity without any compromise on its efficiency. We make use of the building floor space economically and deliver the elevators which consume less energy, with which we stand out of the crowd.

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Project Completed
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Our Client

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