MRL (Machine Room Less)

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MRL (Machine Room Less)

Lifts is another innovation in lift industry.MRL Lifts don’t require machine room at the highest point of the building.MRL lifts utilize propelled footing system,which gives a fast and productive reaction to support request while giving an especially smooth and very ride.It additionally devours 1000 power.

  • Lessens space for parts leaving usable structure region.
  • Appropriate for mid to elevated structures upto 60m stature.
  • Vitality without efficient,haste and simple support
  • Rapid limit upto 2meters every second Do not expect riggings to control the development of the lift an it is gearless.
  • Try not to expect apparatuses to control the development of the lift an it is gearless.


  • Less Space
  • Better Aesthetics
  • Gearless – No oil required
  • Less Consumption of power

Where to use

  • Low & Mid-rise buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Malls

Technical Specification

  • 1.Capacity – 6,8,10,15 Passenger
  • 2.Speed – 1.0,1.5,1.75 & 2m/s.
  • 3.Max.Floor – 15 floors
  • Commercial buildings
  • 4.Max.Travel – 40mts

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